About Me – Along with Yearbook photos that were a Complete “Cat”astrophe ;-)

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I love learning – a lot.

Here are some things I value when looking at educational resources.

Are they #ownvoices? A person with a lived experience is going to have a better understanding and richer telling than a person outside of that experience.

Are they well-loved by others? There may be things that I personally like, or that someone else personally likes – but is it generally seen as a resource that makes hundreds of kids sing with joy and enjoy learning? Some of our ‘comfort foods’ and comfort resources aren’t for sharing. Sardine pickles? Babysitters Club books? Best to enjoy those alone and not share. 🙂

Do the resources value the dignity of all human beings? Do they listen to voices outside their own perspective? We cannot hear if we only listen to ourselves.

Are the books accurate? A story may be interesting in narrative structure, but is that story rooted in truth, or is it perpetuating imagined second-hand info, or worse, even harmful stereotypes? Is the story talking over the people most affected by the story? [Historical fiction is inherently one-step removed from historical study, being fiction. That is fine. But historical fiction with no history is just fantasy, and should be designated as such. Fantasy can be a fine genre on its own – the world in 1984 is gripping to read, but not historically true. If someone called it historically accurate, I’d be scratching my head. There are some books in historical fiction that are more pure fiction than accurate bite-sized stories based in history.]

Thank you, valuable reader that you are!

If you want to ask a question: If you want my advice on something, or if you want to ask “Do you have any resources on this (time period, country, age range, curriculum)?” FEEL FREE to ask here. If you have read this far, we’re already friends. That was fast!

Tell me what you would love to see more of – it would greatly help me out, it would be helping me as much as it’s helping you. I’d love to hear from you. Promise!