Alexander the Great was from Macedonia (Kids Info)

Alexander the Great was from Macedonia: Information on Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was from Macedonia, who rode a horse named Bucephalus.  He was a leader of the Macedon Empire.

The pronunciation of Bucephalus is Bue (like clue) – ceph (like Cef, sef) – a (“ah”) – lus (less): Bue Cef Uh Less

The tutor for Alexander the Great was Aristotle, beginning when Alexander was age 13.

Alexander later become King of Macedon at age 20, after his father was killed.

He arrives to history at an interesting time, because Sparta and Athens have just fought between themselves, weakening their powers. King Philip II of Macedon (Alexander’s father) had created a large empire that spanned much of Greece.

So when Alexander claimed the throne, other Greek territories were looking at this transition of power as a time to reclaim themselves. However, Alexander had by this point gained four years of military experience, and had been well-educated for his tasks as king.

He kept control over the Greek city-states, and then set his sights on conquering Asia Minor. Alexander wanted to conquer as much territory as possible.


Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot

While in Gordium, in Anatolia, Alexander came upon a famous puzzle of the time, the Gordian Knot. The Gordian knot was said to be an impossibly compex knot, impossible to untie. Alexander the Great took his sword and sliced the knot open.

This wasn’t the intended solution to the knot, but it became famous for the unusual strategy. Alexander clearly saw anything as conquerable by force.

Alexander the Great confronts Darius III

Darius III was the King of Persia, and that made him a person in opposition to the goals of Alexander in Macedon. Three times the two leaders came into conflict, and Darius kept things together by retreating and protecting his army from full conflict.

Eventually, Alexander the Great overtook Persia, so Darius III went into hiding to protect his rulership. At the battle of Issus, Darius fled for his safety, leaving behind a document or treaty that outlined what he ceded over to Alexander. Instead of listening to the document, Alexander pushed forward and took even more territory from Persia into Syria.

He also committed extreme cruelty, killing all the men, and enslaving the remaining women and children of the region.

Around this time he visited the Siwa Oasis oracle and declared himself the son of a god. Zeus-Ammon was said to be his father, and the Horns of Ammons became the symbol of Alexander the Great on coinage and artifacts.


Alexander the Great’s death

He drank wine and fell ill within 11 or 12 days. Many illnesses have been proposed as the cause of death, and poisoning is possible (or being poisoned accidentally with bacterial water). Alexander the Great died when he was 32 years old.



What Alexander the Great looked like, as he was represented in statues and busts of the era.


Map of Macedon Empire: Alexander the Great and his empire

Alexander the Great and his empire shown here. Link to the clearer map, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Youtube videos about Alexander the Great:

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Looking for Alexander the Great kids books:

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Who Was the Alexander the Great?, by Kathryn Weatherford and Robin Waterfield 








World History Biographies: Alexander: The Boy Soldier Who Conquered the World (National Geographic World History Biographies), by Simon Adams


This National Geographic Kids issue is for 3rd through 7th grade. At 64 pages, it’s a great Alexander the Great kids book.





Who killed Alexander the Great’s father?  Pausanias of Orestis, one of the seven bodyguards of the king, killed King Philip II of Macedon at a wedding of Alexander I of Epirus and Philip’s daughter, Cleopatra of Macedon.    Alexander the Great’s father, King Philip, was stabbed in the ribs. He died at age 46.


Did you know? Alexandria in Egypt is a city named after Alexander the Great.


What was the name of Alexander the Great’s horse? Bucephalus. The pronunciation of Bucephalus is Bue Cef Uh Lus


Was Alexander the Great? That was Alexander the Great nickname, gained from his abilities to conquer other territories.


Alexander the Great dad was Philip of Macedonia.


Alexander the Great age at death was 32 years old.

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