Books from Korea: 35 Korean Books for Kids

Find children’s books from Korea about Korean food, Korean culture. Learn favorite Korean folktales and Korean stories. Books from South Korea, North Korea, and travel to Korea books.

27 Best Children’s Books about France: Chapter Books for Children about France

Children’s Books about France – Chapter Books about France This is the page of children’s books about France (chapter books for kids). If you want to see the previous page of picture books about France, click here.   Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links which generate income at no cost to you. The links are

Books about Frida Kahlo: Biographies of Her Life for Kids (Lessons on Frida Kahlo)

Biography of Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo, Mexico’s greatest female painter, was born in 1907, was born by the name of Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón. She explored self-portraits, mixing realism and fantasy in her work. Her artwork represented Mexican cultural traditions as many of its themes. Kahlo was painting up until her death in 1954.

Christmas in Mexico: The Celebrations Guide to Mexican Cultural Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Mexico – a learning guide for kids and families and Spanish class Learn about the culture surrounding Christmas traditions in Mexico through stories: children’s books, poems and rhymes, Mexican Christmas songs, and more. From pinatas to Posada, from adornos to zapatos, from Cielito Lindo to Feliz Navidad, come learn about Christmas in Mexico

Mexico Picture Books: 27 Best Children’s Books about Mexico

Best Children’s Books about Mexico – Picture Books about Mexico and more! Would you or your children like to read books about Mexico? Visit the beautiful country through picture books! These wonderful books about Mexico would be a perfect complement to a Geography or Social Studies lesson about Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful country with

Africa in Picture Books: 21 Great Africa Books For Kids, by Country

Africa Books For Kids: Many Picture Books about Africa, organized by their country A list of great African books for kids, so that families and schools have great children’s books about Africa. Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links which generate income at no cost to you. You can find these books online or at a

Math Curriculum: Review of Singapore Math, Saxon Math, Beast Academy, Miquon Math, and more!

Each year, people start searching for the homeschool math curriculum that perfectly fits their needs. It can be so hard to take the time and do in-depth comparisons of homeschool math curriculums, especially being so many years removed from being in school oneself. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of the most talked-about homeschool math

Alexander the Great was from Macedonia (Kids Info)

Alexander the Great was from Macedonia: Information on Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was from Macedonia, who rode a horse named Bucephalus.  He was a leader of the Macedon Empire. The pronunciation of Bucephalus is Bue (like clue) – ceph (like Cef, sef) – a (“ah”) – lus (less): Bue Cef Uh Less The


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